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Security Awareness Training

Our online security awareness training course assists businesses to:

  • Reduce the risk of security incidents within the workplace;
  • Manage trusted insider threats;
  • Educate staff to stay safe online and recognise cyber threats;
  • Enable employees to recognise and report suspicious activity or “red flags”;
  • Comply with relevant legislation (such as privacy laws);
  • Develop a strong security culture; and
  • Manage fraud and corruption prevention.

The course is broken into the following 7 modules:

Module 1: Workplace Security Overview

Module 2: Trusted Insider Threats

Module 3: Privacy

Module 4: Ethics

Module 5: Information Security, Telecommuting, and Personal Security

Module 6: Cyber Security

Module 7: Bomb Threats and Incident Reporting

This course may be hosted by us or hosted on your own LMS system. We also offer face to face security awareness training tailored to suit business needs.

Please contact us to discuss your security training requirements or schedule a demo of our online course.