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About us

As Founder and Managing Director of Your Business Security, I believe that all businesses have the right to operate without being financially or otherwise adversely impacted by theft, fraud, malicious actions or any type of criminal activity. I am passionate about empowering businesses and organisations of all sizes protect their people, information, reputation, assets, and profits.

Specialising in security strategy and security planning, with a strong focus on mitigating the risk of trusted insider threats and developing a strong security culture, I have over 20 years experience within the security industry. Starting my career as a NSW Police Officer, before moving into the private sector, and then to Federal Government. With a proven track record of providing trusted security advice, I have experience in aviation security, the finance sector, and the protection of critical infrastructure. More recently I worked as a security advisor to Government providing advice on the security of radioactive and nuclear material. I am trained at an international level having attended numerous training courses and conferences in Europe and the US, on physical security, trusted insider threats, and security culture.

Over the years, I have seen many businesses fall victim to internal fraud, hacking, theft, and organised crime. The financial impact and reputation damage can be devastating. Sadly, most businesses don’t think about their security risks (particularly from trusted insiders) until an incident has already occurred and the loss has been realised.

I am grateful to be able to empower businesses to manage their security risks and focus on what they do best.

Kara Kennedy
Empowering Businesses to Protect Themselves


Kara’s Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Policing/Investigations
  • Australian Graduate School of Management- General Manager Program (UNSW)
  • Advanced Diploma Public safety
  • Certificate IV in OHS
  • Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III in Investigative Services
  • NSW Police Detective Course/Designation
  • ASD Communications Intelligence Security Officer Certificate
  • ADF Special Operations Planners Certificate
  • ASIO T4 Agency Security Advisors Certificate
  • Certificate in Transport Security of Nuclear Material (IAEA)
  • Certificate in Transport Security of Radioactive Material (ARPANSA)
  • Certificate in Physical Security of Nuclear Materials and Facilities (Sandia National Laboratories USA)
  • Certificate in Threat Assessment and a Risk Informed Approach to Nuclear Security Systems for Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials out of Regulatory Control (IAEA).
  • Certificate in Scientific Content Analysis (Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, Arizona)
  • NSW Security licence Class 2AD (Master and Operator)