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Defence Industry Security Program Readiness Kit

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) enables businesses to have their security practices recognised and endorsed so that they are eligible for certain Defence industry contracting.

Our Defence and Government Contract Readiness Kit assists SMEs in managing security risks and preparing for a DISP application.

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Readiness Kit includes:

  • Security Risk Assessment template;
  • Trusted Insider Program template;
  • A suite of 10 security related workplace policies (e.g. Code of Conduct, Social Media Policy, IT Security Policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy);
  • Non- Disclosure Agreement;
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Deed;
  • Workplace posters and signage templates;
  • Bomb Threat checklist;
  • Pre-employment screening procedures (in line with AS 4811:2006);
  • An implementation guide;
  • Q&A forum where you can ask questions or share challenges and experiences;
  • Plus, other useful templates and tools designed around DISP security requirements.

Total Cost: $3500 AUD (Incl. GST)- Immediate access granted

Add on services such as tailored security risk assessment, strategy advice, security plan implementation, or online security training are also available. Please contact us direct to discuss any additional requirements.

*This kit supports businesses in preparing for a DISP application however does to claim to meet all requirements. Additional requirements may be required based on the desired DISP level. For more information on DISP suitability, eligibility, and security requirements visit the DISP website.

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