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Business Protection

Protecting your business against a wide variety of threats from so many different directions can seem difficult and somewhat daunting. Businesses can be adversely impacted by an IT attack, physical security attack, by staff carrying our malicious activity, or a combination of all three. Impact to a business may be financial, operational, to reputation, and or result in costly litigation.

The truth is, if you break it down, assess your risks, and implement some simple security measures, the risks can be significantly reduced.

Key steps include:

  1. Identify who is responsible for the security plan within your business.
  2. Establish your risk appetite and conduct a security risk assessment to identify your security risks.
  3. Design and implement a Security Plan including security measures in consideration of IT security, physical security, information security, personnel security, business governance, and trusted insider threats.
  4. Implement security related policies and procedures such as:
    • Code of Conduct
    • Social Media Policy
    • IT Security Policy
    • Mandatory Incident Reporting Policy
    • Visitor Management Procedures
  5. Ensure employees are trained in company policies and procedures.
  6. Develop a strong security culture through:
    • Top down commitment to security
    • Enforcement of policies and procedures
    • Security awareness training for all staff
  7. Implement stringent personnel vetting procedures and manage personnel issues in a timely manner.
  8. Ensure all employees and contractors sign a non-disclosure agreement upon engagement.
  9. And very importantly, once the security plan is in place, conduct periodical security audits and reviews.