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The importance of a social media policy

A clear example of why a social media policy is so important if a company wants to lawfully terminate an employee for misuse. This company was forced to reinstate an employee who misused social media to sexually harass another employee, after he successfully appealed his dismissal. 

This was despite ‘tagging’ two of his colleagues in an offensive and sexually explicit social media post, and leaving blobs of sorbolene cream and tissues on the desk of one of the colleagues.

Being forced to reinstate an employee who has sexually harassed other staff, could be very disruptive to a business. Not to mention potential reputation risks and loss of other good employees. The following security measures would assist businesses, to reduce the risk of a similar incident occurring in their business: 

  • A clear Code of Conduct policy
  • A strong security culture including enforcement of company policies and procedures
  • Records of performance management issues or prior warnings for unacceptable behaviour
  • A Social Media Policy
  • Security training and awareness including training on company policies
  • Code of Conduct written into employment contracts