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Significant loss due to staff misconduct

A large pizza chain suffered significant loss and reputation damage, after two restaurant employees posted a youtube clip depicting themselves violating food regulations by doing unsavoury things with food. Millions of people viewed the clip and subsequent media coverage. To make matters worse, one of the employees turned out to be a registered sex offender. The restaurant then received further criticism for the way in which the incident was handled. A public relations nightmare for any business.

This incident caused very serious reputational damage and no doubt financial loss. The following security measures would assist businesses, to reduce the risk of a similar incident occurring in their business:

  • A strict personnel vetting process
  • A clear Code of Conduct policy
  • A strong security culture including security training, training on company policies and procedures, and enforcement of company policies and procedures
  • A Social Media Policy
  • Code of Conduct written into employment contracts
  • An Incident Response Plan to deal with such an incident